City Girl Gone Wandering

Goodbye Ranch Life

lazy afternoons on the veranda

Autumn in New Mexico brought with it a resurgence of nature and wildlife. Animals scurried their way around the property and many an afternoon was spent watching herds of bison slowly saunter their way from meadow to meadow.

The Elk bulls serenaded us nightly with eerie bugles that bounced off the mountainsides and reverberated into our ears.

Remnants of summer

Remnants of summer

All of this activity was a constant reminder of the fact that I was in the middle of the wilderness. Literally, in the middle of the wilderness. It doesn’t get more wild than 40 miles west of nowhere in the middle of 920 square miles of raw, albeit gated and fenced off, earth.

Vermejo Sunrise

Vermejo Sunrise

I was lost in the reverie of Autumn when it snowed and, just like that, the ranch was dropped head first into the frost-bitten stillness of winter. I am normally not a fan of winter. In fact, I have spent the last two years of my life running away from it, but winter in the mountains is the equivalent of a pause button. Everything stops and the entirety of the world takes a moment to breathe itself in.

For six months I lived and worked on the largest piece of privately owned contiguous land in the United States. It was a hell of a ride. One that I will probably never take again, but one that will always be ripe with awe and gratitude in my memory.


After a year’s worth of seasons, my time in New Mexico has come to an end. I no longer wake up each morning to the site of gorgeous mountains outside my window.

Vermejo Summertime Sunset

There are no more bison traffic jams or deer families scurrying about.

Bison Jam
Deer Family

No more lakes to go and sit by at dusk.

Merrick Lake

But there are also no more 90 minute trips just to get to a semi-functional town. And no more hopeless battles with satellite internet. I am free of the limitations of such a rustic, rural life.

As lovely as my time at Vermejo was, this city girl is glad to be back on the road and back to her rambling ways. All change is rampant with the bittersweet emotions innate to chapters closing but I am ready and eager to embark on the next grand adventure, whatever it may hold.

Animal Friend

Vermejo Animal Friend Letting Loose

As far as plans go (and what you can expect to see and read about here), I am currently on a road trip around Arizona and California. When this is through I head back to ol’ New York to reconnect with the city that still lays claim to all that I am. Then, I return to my Hawaiian island home and float about in the middle of the Pacific for a little while. Then, finally, I journey around the world to start a new life in New Zealand. Here goes nothing…


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