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And… I live in Hawaii!


Playtime at Makalawena Beach

To be honest, I’ve actually been living in Hawaii for two-and-a-half crazy months now, but for the sake of this blog… I live in Hawaii now!

Travellers Palm on Ali’i Drive

This would normally be around the time when I’d be getting ready to leave and go on to a new place. Instead, I wake each morning and feel the roots I’ve accidentally sprung sink themselves deeper down into this bed of lava rock.

Hawaii is wonderful, but I can feel the restlessness stirring around inside me like a turbulent infection that refuses to heal. I’ve learned something recently: staying still is hard. Living in paradise certainly eases that burden, but wanderlust is a beast of an illness to free yourself from. Alas, roots have been laid, and Big Island retains its hold on me for the time being.

But don’t let my wanderlust fool you; life in Hawaii is just as incredible as I imagined it would be. Each day, I walk to work while the ocean breeze plays with my hair. It’s a two-mile stretch to the office, down Ali’i Drive and out to the main drag of Kona Town.


Volcano vistas on my walk to work

Everyone I pass wishes me a good morning or a good afternoon. They’re all smiling. The ones who aren’t smiling seem unfortunate and out of place. I imagine them all to be East Coasters.


Kailua-Kona, HI

I often watch the sun set over the ocean through the wall of windows in my delightful studio apartment. Right now, the sky is painted in a delicate shade of salmon as the sun’s rays dance among the blanket of white clouds. Pinks, oranges, blues, and greys swirl together into a symphony of color.


sunset from my window

If I walk down the street for ten minutes I reach the water. A few more minutes and I reach a small hidden beach where Green Sea Turtles frolic about. I go there often after work to watch them swim. One night, a particularly cheeky turtle tried to make a beeline for me. It’s a good thing they’re so slow or else who knows what dirty tricks the fella might have tried.


Naughty Green Sea Turtle

Life here is relaxed. I rush nowhere, and enjoy pausing to smell the flowers that line my street. I watch the leaves of the palm trees dance in the wind. I smile a lot and laugh often. Moving here was the right choice.

10725061_375910502563632_1086979742_nMoving here has also showed me that the serendipity I had previously encountered on this island is a permanent state of nature rather than a fleeting affair. I arrived here on the first of October with several tentative plans, and no real clue about what was going to happen or what I was doing. Within a week I had secured a fantastic job and an even more fantastic place to live.


sunset at Magic Sands Beach

This island is magic. No matter how hard I try to find a better description for it, that is the one word that seems to keep popping up. Hawaii is magic, and I am so grateful to call it home.

And even though I continue to struggle with my nomadic ways, Hawaii has a way of settling me down with every magnificent sunset that passes by my eyes.

Not to mention the fact that my new job requires me to go on an abundance of exciting adventures. So far I have explored shipwrecks on a submarine (spoiler alert: we saw a shark), circled the island in a van, gone to a Luau, and chased down the recent lava flows on a doors-off helicopter tour. And the best part is that I get to share all of these experiences (and many more) with my wonderful readers! So, which one would you all like to hear about first? The tales abound.


3 comments on “And… I live in Hawaii!

  1. Jeff Caldwell
    December 15, 2014

    Of all the fantastic things you say abut Hawaii I find myself the most jealous of your wall of windows. Who are the people who you work for? How’d they end up doing adventure tours on Big Island?

  2. deebeider
    December 15, 2014

    The wall of windows is pretty great. I work as a guest services agent at one of the hotels in town and part of my job description is selling tours. As an agent, I have to try all the tours to better know what I’m selling. It’s a tough life.

  3. tairaxo
    December 16, 2014

    I live in Hawaii too, on Oahu though. I’m your newest follower and would love for you to stop by my blog when you get a chance I look forward to your visit šŸ™‚

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