City Girl Gone Wandering

Tahoe Wrap-Up

With the rolling of bus wheels bound for Sacramento, and the hissing of a train bound for San Jose, my life in Tahoe has come to a close.

It has been a wild two months, filled with highs and lows as drastic as the weather changes.

I kayaked:


Lunch break kayak on Fallen Leaf Lake


I spent time on Tahoe’s beaches, and even lake-jumped into her freezing cold water:


I cooked Russian food for 60 people:


Mixing up a batch of Olivier Salad for Staff Prom.


I explored waterfalls.


Lower Glen Alpine Falls


I explored other lakes:


Angora Lake


I climbed a large rock and took in the views:


I caught a few sunsets:


These sights were part of my daily routine:

And, best of all, I got paid to do it.

But, despite all that, I would be lying if I said that I was sad to go. Right now, the sun is slowly making its descent to my left. I watch it through the window of an Amtrak train heading south. The light of the sun’s rays glistens on the water and the shadows of the mountains rise majestically in the distance. This view is not only beautiful, it is also novel.

One of the many things that Tahoe has taught me is that I am happier when in motion. At camp, I often felt stuck. Having no access to a car meant that my excursions were at the will of other people, and I often found myself confined to the boundaries of Fallen Leaf. Even when boundaries are filled with nature’s bounty, they’re still boundaries. I cannot stay still. I must keep moving, keep chasing the rivers, inlets, beaches, mountains, and cities that I have yet to have seen.

As such, tomorrow I will  head out on the road for a whirlwind two weeks of travel adventures. Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Victoria, B.C.; and Vancouver, B.C don’t know what’s about to hit them.

After the current travel tornado stops spinning, I will return back east to visit with family and friends and begin plotting my next move. The world beckons me with every whipping of the wind against my cheek, and I have no choice but to follow its call. Perhaps it will lead me back to Hawaii, or perhaps it will pull me even further away–maybe to Ireland, New Zealand, or France. Only the wind, and time, will tell.

Tonight: San Jose/Sunnyvale

Tomorrow: Portland

Game on.


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