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Hikiau Heiau

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Last week, after another trip to Manini Beach, my coworker and I walked over to the Hikiau Heiau temple—a historical site here on Big Island.

Behind the temple is a long stretch of rocky beach that extends to a scattering of picnic tables. According to posted signs, dolphins regularly frolic in that portion of Kealakekua Bay. I didn’t see any, sadly, but the beach was majestic enough to make up for it.

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Unlike most rocky beaches in Hawaii, this one is not made up of clunky flowing lava rock. Instead, it is as though someone gathered together a collection of large stones and structured them neatly into a formation resembling stadium-seating.

The sound of the waves on the rocks jingles with each ebb and flow of the tide. It is reminiscent of pebbles clinking together beneath a stream or a brook. We sat and listened to it for a while, losing ourselves in the simple serenity of water and rock. The water swished, the rocks clinked, and the world was still for a moment.

The beach was covered in rock sculptures that people had put together. They reminded me of the ones that arise over the weekends I have spent at  Camp Keewanee for StrangeCreek and Wormtown. Seeing something so familiar in a land so far away made me smile. After all, no matter where you are, people are still people.

As we were leaving, I caught sight of the sun’s rays poking through the leaves of a tree. I stopped to take a picture and thought about how lucky I really am to be here, seeing such wonders on a daily basis. Natural beauty abounds on Hawaii, and I am reveling in it with camera in tow.

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2 comments on “Hikiau Heiau

  1. WanderlustInHawaii
    February 25, 2014

    Looks amazing! My boyfriend and I will be WWOOFing on the Big Island starting the end of this month! Do you like the farm you are at so far?

  2. deebeider
    February 25, 2014

    That’s exciting! Do you know which area/farm you’re going to yet?

    I’m actually at a B&B so there’s very little farming–mostly landscaping, cooking, and housekeeping. The hours and workload are light, so it works for me (in terms of writing, at least) but it depends what you want out of the situation. My boss is… quirky, but he’s mostly fine. It’s been a good experience thus far; I’ve met some great people and seen some breathtaking places.

    Good luck on your adventures, and thanks for reading!

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